Points of Pride

We Are Proud to be Eagles!

•    Creates a climate of equity and acceptance that respects, values, and responds to the diversity of all        our members
•    Rewards students for academic and positive behavior
•    Provides incentives to improve attendance and strive for excellence in attendance by staff and students
•    Helps develop students who are accepted in magnet high schools throughout the city of Philadelphia
•    Recognizes students who place honors for outstanding achievements
•    Improves student morale by providing a safe climate
•    Conducts on-going building based professional development utilizing the best practices and expertise of teachers
•    Integrates technology in all classrooms
•    Uses data to drive instruction and plan for school improvement
•    Teachers work collaboratively to develop strategies, intervention and share best practices
•    Maintains clean school buildings.
•    Cafeteria staff provides breakfast and lunch, and all students are fed timely.
•    The school nurse services the entire student population and also provides information regarding health issues and medical procedures to all staff.
•    Our counselor invites several representatives from various organizations to participate in our annual Career Day.
•    Finletter has a safety patrol program that involves students from grades three through eight. These students serve as school ambassadors.
•    Our physical education teacher coordinates several physical education activities to support organizations such as the National Heart Association.
•    Finletter has a positive reward system where students are rewarded for exhibiting any one of the five fundamentals of the positive behavior program.