Cell Phones/Electronics

Cell Phone/Electronics Policy

Cell phones and other electronics are not permitted in school.  If an adult sees a student with a cell phone or other electronic devices during the school day, it will be confiscated.  The first time a cell phone is confiscated from a student, it will be returned to a parent – only!  The second time a student is found with a cell phone, it will not be returned until the last day of school.  This is current school district policy.   NOTE:  IF AN ELECTRONIC DEVISE IS CONFISCATED DURING A CRIMINAL ACTIVITY IT WILL NOT BE RETURNED.  (SEE SCHOOL DISTRICT CODE OF CONDUCT) Parents will be asked to sign off on this Policy every school year to guarantee that everyone is aware of the policy so there is no dispute when/if an electronic devise is taken from a student.  (This policy will be upheld even if this form is not signed)


Picking up confiscated cell phones/electronics

·       Cell phones and /or electronics cannot be picked up the same day they are taken.

·       The main office will be available for cell phones and /or electronics returns between the hours of 3:15 PM and 3:30 PM.

·       Cell phones and /or electronics will not be released to students. Parents or legal guardians are required to pick up cell phones and /or electronics, these items will not be released to students.


The School District of Philadelphia prohibits use of any electronic devise by students in any setting of the school.  Students who are caught recording, taping of any kind, or taking pictures will be suspended and the devise used will be confiscated.


Social Media

·      Follow the School District’s Acceptable Use Policy Do not “friend” or “connect” to students or parents via your personal site.

·      If you have a personal site that is public you are accountable for the content that you place on there knowing that    students or others have access to your site; as professionals, ensure that you are representing yourself in a professional and respectful manner.

·      It is highly recommended that all social media sites are made private, if not already.

·      Do NOT post pictures of students on your social media site.

·      You are responsible for the content of your page