Athletic Director

James Groff – Athletic Director

I am one of Finletter’s Health and Physical Education teacher as well as the Athletic Director. We are revamping our middle school athletics program here at Finletter, and would love for any interested students to come try out for a team. A few things are needed before your child can participate in a sport or competition. Every student MUST have a completed health physical to be able to begin practice with a team. (NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. All physicals are good for one year. If a student’s physical becomes out-of-date during a season, he or she will be excused from competition until an updated physical is returned. The best time to complete a physical is during the summer.  This will allow students to participate in all three seasons before their physical forms expire. Click here to view the offered sports during each season.

Here at Finletter we are striving to produce student athletes. This means our students must excel in the classroom as well. It is school district policy that if a student is failing any of his or her classes, he or she will not be allowed to play in competition. Student must learn to be aware of their grades and develop time management skills when balancing sports and academics. A student’s behavior will also play a role in participation. Our sports teams represent our school, and we want to sow everyone that Finletter is the best!

Please click here to get the physical form and other necessary documents. When completed, please return them to Mr. Groff. Thank you again for all of your support in our endeavors.